Keeping your Freedom

September 24, 2018  |   Linda Schellenberg  |   General

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Keeping Your Freedom

When something is just not quite right – Maybe feeling uncomfortable with someone or in a situation, etc. use these simple steps:

Father, Jesus or Holy Spirit, Is there anyone I need to forgive?
(Person’s name), I forgive you for…(example: yelling at me)
I release you from all my judgments and expectations
I give up my right to judge you
I love you and I bless you
Is there anyone else I need to forgive?

What is the lie I’m believing? (Example: I’m un-protected)
I renounce (or break with) the lie that …….(example: I’m un-protected)
Father, what is the truth? (Example: I am your Protector)
Proclaim that truth. I proclaim that…(example: Father God is my Protector)
Is there another lie that I am believing?

When we forgive instantly, we keep short accounts with others and stay free of that prison that un-forgiveness puts us in. When we go to Father God, Jesus, and/or Holy Spirit instantly to discover the lies we are believing we never let the lies of the enemy take hold. Enjoy your freedom!


Linda Schellenberg – Co-Labor Ministries