Prophetic Word for January

January 11, 2019  |   Blake Schellenberg  |   General

We received the word below from our friends at Crowning Jewels in Redding, CA regarding the New Year and January, it was something we felt compelled to share it:


In January, God is bringing the timing of your life into divine alignment. Things that have been held up and delayed are coming to you, and God is inviting you to be joyfully present in your current moment. He is giving you specific revelation to make good choices, but after you make a decision it will be important to stand in faith without doubt. He is also giving you fresh vision to see what exceedingly great things are possible when you have faith. This will be a month of repayment, so expect to see what the enemy has stolen from you be restored many times over. In all situations, focus on Jesus’s words that you are light to the world, and watch as God solidifies your identity so that you are not derailed by negative emotions or circumstances

“There is a time for everything,
   and a season for every activity under the heavens.”
Ecclesiastes 3.1

This month, God is bringing divine alignment of time into your life. Things that have been held up or delayed are coming to you, and there is an acceleration happening that is bringing the timing of things in your life into God’s perfect order.  God is highlighting the choice to be present in this time, without looking backwards or forwards. Let go of regrets, fears, and dependency on future events for your happiness. Rejoice in today!

This is also a month of making powerful choices in faith. God trusts us to make good choices, and He blesses the decisive. As in the parable of the talents, (Matthew 25.14-30) the master blessed the two servants who took action and made wise choices.  The master cursed the servant who did nothing. James 1.6-8 tells us that a man that doubts must not believe he will receive anything from the Lord, that he is unstable in all his ways.  This month, God is giving you specific revelation to make wise choices, but you must believe and not doubt. Once you make your decision, stand in faith.

What if our lives bore the fruit of what we hoped for?  What if we so believed in God’s goodness and faithfulness that we stood confidently in faith that all of His promises would come to pass?  What if we pushed past the way things look right now, beyond our disappointments, and believed that God wanted to give us the desires that are in our hearts?  “Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for.” Hebrews 11.1 (The Passion Translation) This month, God is giving you fresh vision to see what’s possible when you have faith.   Take some time to dream with Him about the things that are in your heart. Cultivate faith in God’s ability to make these things happen.

January will be a month of repayment for what has been stolen and lost. These could be needs that were never met in your life, a trauma that you endured, or the loss of an important relationship.  This month, there is grace to face the pain as God brings healing. He will heal some of you supernaturally, and for others, He will highlight and direct you to books, teachings, counselors, and ministries to direct you on your path to healing.

Right now, God is releasing identity and purpose into lives and situations so that we are not derailed by our emotions and circumstances. Instead of agreeing with the lie that a bad day makes you a bad person, or that a sad day makes you depressed, take some time this month to ask God to show you how you are light to the world.  Ask Him to reveal to you how you transform the atmosphere around you, and how you bring goodness, light, and life, simply by being you.  In all situations, focus on the light that you are releasing and watch what happens.