Poverty vs Kingdom Prayer

November 17, 2016  |   Blake Schellenberg  |   General

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The renewed mind is at the core of a transformed life, and transformed people transform cities and nations. The renewed mind focuses on the will of God, which is “on earth as it is in heaven” and a belief that everything was settled and paid for at the cross. God is looking for a people who will discover what was bought in that transaction and move according to the reality of His world and release that dominion. Prayer looks much different when you have changed how you think because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, it is in stock, and within reach….

 Poverty Mindset

Pray hard
Many words
Belief during prayer
Talk about problem
Stopping devil and curses
Focusing mainly on problem
Mostly asking
God is reluctant and/or hindered
Uncomfortable with silence
Worship prepares for prayer
Intercession dominates church prayer plan
Prayer to get through immediate needs & circumstances
Fasting from things
Fasting is an event
Laughing is rare
Focusing on the duties of prayer
Spiritual attacks are positive signs
Approach God as a beggar – He tolerates me
Miraculous things might happen
Assignment = getting to heaven and endure earth
Satisfied with religious knowledge about God

Kingdom Mindset

Pray believing
Fewer words
Belief during and ongoing belief after prayer
Talk to the problem
Releasing God and blessing
Focusing mainly on testimonies and promises
Mostly thanking
God is good and has already won victory
Values soaking prayer
Worship is prayer
Intercession is one part of diversified prayer plan
Release of heavenly strategy for ongoing breakthrough
Fasting to things
Fasting is a lifestyle
Laughing is frequent
Seeking the depths of God
Expect God’s protection/blessing after prayer
Approach God as a son/daughter – I belong in His presence
Miracles are a normal part of the Christian life
Assignment = bringing heaven to earth
Pursuit of an experience with God