Naturally Supernatural vs Supernatural Made Natural

May 14, 2017  |   Blake Schellenberg  |   General

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As we are pursuing “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” in the marketplace, we find ourselves in a position of continually learning new things and building a culture of believers who are contending to see the supernatural nature of God demonstrated in and through their businesses. Historically, what we have experienced as Christians in the marketplace is a mindset that the “spiritual stuff” happens on Sundays and as a business person, I need an outside spiritual leader to come and do the spiritual things in my business. Somehow along the way most business leaders have compartmentalized their leadership and believed a lie that people will follow them for everything else, but not spiritual things. There are other lies that say I need to have it all together and understand everything before God will use me. Or, I can’t partner with God that way because my circumstances are really messed up and there are too many broken situations around me. I would propose to you that if we look at the model of Jesus, He did things wildly different.

Jesus lived his life Naturally Supernatural fully filled with the Holy Spirit and in partnership with Father God. He only did and said what the Father told him to do and say. Jesus’s ministry was the demonstration of the Kingdom of Heaven. This may sound simple, but to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven, you need to have something to demonstrate the Kingdom on. So if we are drafted into the family restoration business with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we will be surrounded by things and people that are in desperate need of restoration.

Instead of partnering with the presence of God to do something miraculous we have bought into the strategy of the supernatural made natural. This sounds harsh at first, but there is a foundational issue where Jesus’s ministry and our Christian culture are radically different. Jesus’s point was to represent the Father. He says “if you have seen me you have seen the Father. If you don’t believe me look at the works I do.” Our current Christian system is based on explaining or bringing understanding and learning about a God whose objective is to do more that you can imagine or think. (Eph. 4). So if He is about doing more than we can imagine or think, how come we as a culture spend so much time understanding if His purpose is to go beyond that? Aren’t we cutting ourselves short?

My point is this, if we believe that we have to have it all together, we need to understand the supernatural nature of God, we will not have broken people or broken circumstances around us, or that we are not qualified to minister supernaturally in partnership with the Holy Spirit, we have missed the point. In Jesus’s relationship with the disciples he modeled what an encounter with Him and partnership with Him can do. He took untrained marketplace people and empowered them to broker heaven, so much so that the Pharisees recognized Peter and John as having been with Jesus. Why? Because they did things like Jesus and could represent His world.

So here is my proposal. I propose we quit trying to make ministry with the Holy Spirit so understandable when He promises to do more than we can think. I propose we look differently at broken people and circumstances around us, because without them we wouldn’t have anything to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven on. I propose that we start believing that when we say “YES” it is what qualifies us, not what we know. I propose we believe that when people follow our leadership as business leaders, spiritual things are not off the list. I propose we RELAX and enjoy the ride and stick with Papa’s plan to be supernatural.