Moving from Occupation to Expansion

November 1, 2016  |   Blake Schellenberg  |   General

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One of the warriors of old made this statement: “The purpose of war is victory, and the purpose of victory is occupation.” In the Kingdom, we add one more step to the process: The purpose of occupation is expansion. – Bill Johnson

In recent history it has become popular to use words for events like “Occupy Portland” or even in the church “Advancing the Kingdom, Kingdom Focused, or Expanding the Kingdom.” After those encounters or events one is left wondering what that really meant or what really the outcome was. Facebook is then loaded with comments focused on “what’s the point”? The terminology really begins to mean nothing, without demonstration, expansion and advancement.

When the Roman Empire expanded their territory or kingdom and took over countries, there was no question regarding what occupation or expansion meant. They made the realms which they occupied look like Rome. There was never any confusion about what they were there for or what the point was.

It was clear Rome was taking over. In the same way we are charged with the assignment, “on earth as it is in heaven.” Making this world look like that one, so there is no question as to what the point is.

The Lord would not give the Promised Land to Israel all at once because they did not have the ability to occupy all of the territory. By only giving them the amount of land they could occupy, He positioned them for expansion. Expansion is vital to advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. The man who was given the one talent and buried it simply occupied and protected that accomplishment but suffered tremendously because he did not take what he had and position it for increase. When the servants used what they had been given they were promoted from slaves to governors. They were given geography (cities) as their expansive reward. They partnered with “the king” for expansion, whereas the servant viewed the king as a harsh man and was afraid (Luke 19:11-26).

We have to view life with the perspective of expansion and forward motion. When we think this way, we are positioning ourselves for the increase and promotion you were intended for. It’s not healthy to simply find a place you want to stay in and occupy. The moment you have found a leveling-off place is the moment you begin retreating, become inwardly focused, and move towards your own decline.

Becoming satisfied with decline is not partnering with the position you were made for which is increase and expansion.

You were born to burn. Passion and the anointing run in parallel courses. A person with passion will take risks. Everything you want in the realm of the Kingdom is found through the process of stepping into and through inconvenience to take RISK. You don’t get it by coasting on yesterday’s breakthrough. You were born for expansion.

Blake Schellenberg – Co-Labor Ministries