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What Do You See?

Hebrews 5:14 says, “But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.” The underlying assumption in this verse is that through practice in partnership with the presence of God we can train our senses to discern. As we are partnering with others for their breakthrough, it is important to be aware of what is changing in us….More

Giving Testimony a Framework

We share the miracles and acts of God to partner with and stay consistently conscious of the One who invades and transforms impossible situations. Keeping the testimony also gives Him glory, helps us to maintain a heart of thankfulness and builds a culture around what God is doing. The testimony instantly creates hope, faith, and hunger in people for more. Sharing a testimony releases the power of God to reproduce it and do it again….More

Naturally Supernatural vs Supernatural Made Natural

As we are pursuing “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” in the marketplace, we find ourselves in a position of continually learning new things and building a culture of believers who are contending to see the supernatural nature of God demonstrated in and through their businesses. Historically, what we have experienced as Christians in the marketplace is a mindset that the “spiritual stuff” happens on Sundays and as a business person, I need an outside spiritual leader to come and do the spiritual things in my business. Somehow along the way most business leaders have compartmentalized their leadership and believed a lie that people will follow them for everything else, but not spiritual things. There are other lies that say I need to have it all together and understand everything before God will use me. Or, I can’t partner with God that way because my circumstances are really messed up and there are too many broken situations around me. I would propose to you that if we look at the model of Jesus, He did things wildly different….More

Leading for Transformation - 3 Core Values

Every week as a group of believers who want to see the Kingdom of Heaven demonstrated and released in our city, we come together on Friday’s for lunch in different organizations to pray and partner with what God is doing for those leaders and organizations. The results have been staggering as we see week after week the love of the Father demonstrated through miracle after miracle and a community of believers developing where they believe nothing is impossible and are truly demonstrating a culture of honor in the business community.

As we have contended for this in Portland we have witnessed how quickly and easily it is transferred and how “normal” it becomes to live a supernatural lifestyle at and through work. We have seen it exported and transferred across the U.S. and to many countries around the world where marketplace people are ministering to marketplace people. There have been some very unique leadership principles that have developed for us as core values that are transferable across all areas of leadership regardless of if you are leading a Co-Labor Lunch or just want to partner with Heaven and lead in transformation wherever you are….. More

Vain Imaginations & Lofty Things

We live in a neighborhood where the streets are lined with huge maple trees and during the fall the streets are covered with very large maple leaves. There are a few weeks in the fall where there are leaves everywhere until all the leaves have fallen and the city cleans the streets.

The other morning Linda and I were driving to the gym at 5:45 am. On the way my headlights were flickering like a bulb was going out or there was a problem with the headlights. It was so severe that I almost turned around and got our other car, but I didn’t. All the way to the gym I was thinking about taking my car into the dealer, because it is on a lease, and what a hassle that was going to be. I was thinking about whether or not this would be covered by the warranty or how much it was going to cost me. I was also concerned because of my schedule I couldn’t get the car over to the dealer for several days and how long could I drive before the headlights went out all the way. Linda was thinking that maybe we should just turn the car in and get another one and what a hassle that would be. All the way to the gym we both were having these independent thoughts, not sharing with each other, but both very concerned about the problem.

As we pulled into the gym parking lot, I got out of the car to inspect the headlights…..More

The Foundation of Honor

I have been experimenting with the issue of honor lately. It is very sad to say that people who don’t believe in Jesus probably get the issue of honor more than those who profess to be followers of Jesus. When Christian culture and behavior is shaped by the gospel of salvation and not the gospel of the Kingdom, which is what Jesus taught and demonstrated, then the focus is getting people into heaven and on our team rather than introducing them to Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and having them carry heaven. Jesus taught in Matthew 4:17 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” In other words, you have to change how you think because I brought my world with me. Salvation is the door in which you have to go through to experience the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. When we change how we think to participate with the reality of “on earth as it is in heaven”, it radically shifts our view of others and our role to demonstrate the love of the Father and His world because His world is at hand, within reach, in inventory, and in stock…..More

More Than You Can Imagine Or Think

It is New Year’s Day and I find myself starting a new year with great thankfulness for what God has done and at the same time I am filled with an even greater anticipation for what God is going to do. I am so excited! We have been reviewing all the amazing things that have recently happened and are continually amazed at the increase of our experience with the reality of heaven and God’s presence breaking through into our city, companies, and families in greater measure than has been experienced before. The level of transformation and freedom is increasing. As great as this is, we cannot use what we have experienced so far as a predictor of what He is going to do moving forward. God is not looking for us to build a model or a ministry, but be in relationship with Him to demonstrate His love and His world….More

Given Power and Authority

Jesus put us in a position to operate with both Power and Authority as we extend the Kingdom of Heaven in partnership with Him. He designed us for both. Unfortunately, most believers do not believe they have been given either. A great way to think about this is that Jesus has given us both the Gun and the Badge, authority and power together. Neither power nor authority work independently. If you waive your gun around without the authority to use it or even carry a weapon without the proper authority, you will end up in trouble. If you go in with just your badge and try to exercise your authority with only a badge and no gun (power), you will end up fighting from a position of weakness not being able to enforce the authority you say you have.

In Luke 9:1, Jesus gave the disciples power and authority, “And He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all demons and to heal diseases.” Jesus delegated the power and authority given to Him. The Greek words are very interesting, Exousia = Authority and Dunamis = Power…. More

From Principles to Presence

Jesus taught us to pray and he demonstrated “on earth as it is in heaven.” It is our assignment to pull the realities of His world into ours. If we can only talk or theorize about this reality, it leaves us preaching a good idea rather than the “good news” from the position we were designed for in partnership with Father God. As we contend for this in our city it leaves us with the harsh reality that there is a gap between what is and what should be. If it is not in heaven and not in “the book” it cannot be permitted here. Our city is dying to experience the presence of God and to see it demonstrated. They are keenly aware that Christian strategies and operating off of Biblical principles haven’t made our city look like heaven up to this point.
Principles and discipline will make you admired by some, but in reality believers that operate solely out of principles further create the gap between the destruction of the enemy and the love of the Father which He purposed to be accessed through believers. The gap in performance and behavior creates an environment of judgment and condemnation for those who cannot maintain the behavior to uphold the principles keeping them from going to the very source for their transformation…. More

Look Up

Jesus gave us the assignment of “On earth as it is in heaven” when he taught the disciples to pray.     If this is true, then Jesus is giving us a mandate that is spiritual with no natural parallel.   He is offering us spiritual territory that defies that natural order.   He is calling us to a supernatural or “superior natural” lifestyle not bound by natural principles. So what am I talking about?    Historically in Christianity we have tried to understand spiritual things through natural principles.   We have been conditioned Sunday after Sunday to believe that this is how we learn spiritual truth, taking what is supernatural and making it natural so we can try and understand it.  Jesus is calling us to do the exact opposite, to bring the superior reality of heaven to earth….More

Gonna Change My Way of Thinking

Right before I was in high school in the early 80’s an amazing thing happened.  Bob Dylan got saved and put out three “Christian” albums, his last in 1981.   Finally, I could listen to Bob Dylan and not have my Mom get mad at me.  The edge of his lyrics and social commentary were still much the same, except he was now singing about Jesus and a deep relationship with him that seemed to happen overnight.   What was really interesting is if you look a little deeper, Bob Dylan was saved in the Vineyard Church Movement, a Christian ministry with a mission statement that reads, in part: “We lean toward the lost, the poor, the outcast and the outsider…”   Bob got saved into relationship and used his platform as a social icon to put out music about his relationship with Jesus….More 

Poverty Mindset vs Kingdom Mindset Prayer

The renewed mind is at the core of a transformed life, and transformed people transform cities and nations. The renewed mind focuses on the will of God, which is “on earth as it is in heaven” and a belief that everything was settled and paid for at Calvary. God is looking for a people who will discover what was bought in that transaction and move according to the laws of His world and release that dominion. Prayer looks much different when you have changed how you think because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Poverty Mindset Kingdom Mindset
Begging Declaring
Pray hard Pray believing
Many words Fewer words
Belief during prayer Belief during and ongoing belief after prayer
Reactive Proactive
Talk about problem Talk to the problem
Stopping devil and curses Releasing God and blessing
Focusing mainly on problem Focusing mainly on testimonies and promises
Mostly asking Mostly thanking
God is reluctant and/or hindered God is good and has already won victory
Uncomfortable with silence Values soaking prayer
Worship prepares for prayer Worship is prayer
Intercession dominates church prayer plan Intercession is one part of diversified prayer plan
Prayer to get through immediate needs & circumstances Release of heavenly strategy for ongoing breakthrough
Fasting from things Fasting to things
Fasting is an event Fasting is a lifestyle
Burdened Joyful
Laughing is rare Laughing is frequent
Focusing on the duties of prayer Seeking the depths of God
Spiritual attacks are positive signs Expect God’s protection/blessing after prayer
Approach God as a beggar – He tolerates me Approach God as a son/daughter - I belong in His presence
Miraculous things might happen Miracles are a normal part of the Christian life
Assignment = getting to heaven and endure earth Assignment = bringing heaven to earth
Satisfied with religious knowledge about God Pursuit of an experience with God
  • Adapted from Steve Backlund’s Old and New Wineskin Praying