I’m way overdue sending you an update since our prayer time. Pivot’s been on fire lately in more ways than one. God has opened new doors for us to work on more Kingdom work and He has blessed us with significant new growth. We are on pace to potentially double our company profits year-over-year, sales are up 30+%, all while we continue to do pro bono work and give back. I give Him the credit as it’s not some awesome business plan we’re executing on. It is truly the abundant life when we hand over our businesses, stay humble, seek to glorify Him, ask him to use us, and ask Him to guide us, pour out his favor us, and bless us. He’s doing that at Pivot and for me personally. I’m so very thankful.

Dave N., Portland, OR

I have had unstoppable sales since we did my SOZO. My business totally exploded with no greater effort. I have been able to choose to not get angry most of the time and life is just better. When I get stressed or anxious I just stop what I’m doing and invite my Father to lighten my load. It’s so awesome! Thank you for being my tour guide.

Brian, El Paso, TX

I wanted to thank you and the rest of the Co-Labor Ministries group for taking the time and effort to conduct the prayer session for me and my business. It was a very special interaction that gave me some hope and opened my mind to the broader scope of what my business might look like. It also got me more in touch with the spirituality that has not previously been a predominant force in my life except at times of great loss, like when we lost mom and dad. I needed to be reminded of the value of speaking to God and not just wallowing in my own problems, and of the need to review each day’s blessings and be thankful for them.

Interestingly, within 2 hours after returning to work following the prayer session, I received a call with a new consulting job from an old client I had spoken to earlier in the week. Although that ended up to be a very small project, it perhaps was a sign that the prayers were beginning to make things pop up.

Brent, Tallahassee, FL

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet on two separate occasions and experience the healing power of a Sozo. The first meeting introduced and enlightened me into the enormous love that God the Father (whom I now affectionately refer to as ‘Papa’), has for me. I left that experience understanding not only the role of the trinity in my life but feeling the love they each carry for me and my welfare. It was an overwhelmingly freeing time of relaxing in Papa’s arms surrounded by the love and humanity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The second opportunity to meet came shortly after the first meeting, and focused primarily on some “housekeeping” that needed to be done with Papa in breaking agreements I had unknowingly made with the enemy regarding my hurts, forgiveness, and bitterness. Once again, this experience broke the bondage I had felt for years, allowing me to forgive, release and bless those people whom I had hurt and who had hurt me in the past, allowing me to walk hand in hand with Papa in freedom.

Overall, I highly recommend pursuing the Sozo as a means to enter into and experience the life Papa God has designed for us from the beginning of time”.

Dave G., Portland, OR

Sozos accelerates the process of revelation of all Christ has done for you, and blasts you into outer space! There is no ‘quick fix’ for all of life’s problems, and sozo should not be done for that reason. Rather it is a technique which can bring you into greater intimacy with how God feels about you, and you learn who He really is. Just writing about this makes me want to go in for sozo again, because the time with God I had was so special. It really changed my life. I personally got so healed in sozo, over the course of a few sessions an about a year to a year and half, that I was able to reconcile with my family, none of whom I saw for 8 years, and now God is making those relationships better than they ever have been. That is one result, among many, of the sessions. I want to thank Blake and Co-labor ministries for being so devoted to God’s purposes on this Earth, and sharing sozo with believers across the USA. I pray many others will receive their own personal revival in sozo, experience the Father, and proliferate His love on this Earth.

Alexander, Toronto, Canada

The Sozo, is an incredible experience. From a person who has grown up in the church; from Presbyterian, to Assemblies of God; I’ve never experienced a more personal revelation of God than I did in my Sozo session. The Sozo was a way for me to confront God as myself. Not as a Christian, not as a worship leader, not as a sinner, but as an individual who was created with purpose. I truly believe that the Sozo is one of the most enlightening and insightful experiences a believer (Christian or not) could have. For me, Sozo was the catalyst to making my beliefs mine, and to entering into a whole new realm of personalization with a God that yearns for nothing more than to love us and make us great.

Jared, Portland, OR

My Sozo experience was incredible. God broke down so many performance oriented lies, that I honestly did not know I believed. I also realized how much God not only loved me, but wanted to celebrate me just for being His son. The practical tools that the Sozo equips you with has made maintaining my freedom possible, and has led to me helping other people begin to break into freedom themselves.

I walk in confidence, boldness, a marked absence of fear at a whole new level after my Sozo. I also can remember the different experiences with God that happened during the Sozo like it was yesterday. God also re-established my life vision and honestly, took it to a whole new level in what to believe Him to accomplish through my life. I have also noticed more accuracy in receiving words of knowledge, confidence that when I pray for someone God is going to show up, and a major upgrade in living by faith.

Justin, Portland, OR

Painted right after SOZO session to express what was happening with my heart and how it was now opened up.

Cindy, Wilsonville, OR

Over the past 2 years Sterling has employed every sales and marketing effort under the sun. We’ve hired the best and most tenured people in the industry, managed a staff of 7 dedicated sales people and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing with the best minds in town. With all of these talented efforts we were simply able to maintain the top-line revenue and after two years of really hard work we had net growth of 0%. Given this economy, some might say “not bad, I’d take break even”.

On July 23, 2010, Sterling hosted the HGGG lunch crew and solicited their prayer for the business in general, but predominantly needing some assistance on the sales side. Shortly after that, on Sept 23rd, Sterling brought on a Corporate Chaplin to pray weekly with the leadership, facilitate a Chapel and make office hours available to the staff for prayer and counsel as needed.

Draw your own conclusions… September was Sterling’s biggest month of the year from a gross sales standpoint. October was the second largest month of the year. This 4th quarter looks like it will be the largest quarter of the year. During October, an unsolicited request for quotation came to us, that organization has now become our largest client. When prospecting, we look for clients that need upwards of $1000/mth in services rendered. Occasionally we find clients in the $2000/mth range, they are less common but it’s really nice when we sign one of those contracts. Since the middle of October, two additional, unsolicited requests have come in for services from companies that need over $10,000/mth in services. As of this testimony, we have new agreements with both of those clients.

I guess settling for “break even” didn’t align with God’s standards… 16% growth in 2 months seems to align more with the perspective in His kingdom. If this trend continues, He’ll double the size of this company in just one year. Oh ya, forgot to mention this, we’re down to just 3 sales people, which makes this sound a little like the story of Gideon and his Army. Judges 7:7-8.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for showing us the strength of your right arm. We may plant seeds, we may water, but it’s you that makes things grow. 1 Cor 3:7. Thank you for having ears that hear, a heart that cares, arms that surround us with unlimited strength and resource, and the time and attention that shows us how much you love us. All the praise and honor and glory to you. All good things come from you. James 1:16-18.

Tom - Sterling Communications, Portland, OR