Tour of Transitional Youth's Home on the Range This occured in the past

Thu, July 18, 2013   10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Transitional Youth actively works to reduce youth homelessness in the Portland area. One of the integral parts of the program is when at risk youth elect to get off the streets and the first step is to go live at the Home on the Range in Battleground, WA at the Royal Ridges Ranch. Bert will take us on a tour of the most important part of the program where the transition and transformation starts at the ranch.

Thursday, July 18th Leave: 10:00 am from Safeway at Jantzen Beach - 11919 North Jantzen Ave., Portland, OR 97217 Return: 2:00 to Safeway at Janzten Beach Includes lunch

There are several purposes to this tour:

  1. To see and experience what can happen when a business owner uses their business as a platform to pursue the desire God put in his/her heart.
  2. Transitional Youth needs mentors and people to pray with the youth. There is an open opportunity to mentors to help.
  3. Donors - Transitional Youth needs financial partnership to fund the future expansion at the ranch and to fuel the growth and capacity to reach more kids.

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