Co-Labor Marketplace Prayer Team Training This occured in the past

Fri, November 30, 2012   11:30 AM

This training is the heart and soul of the Co-Labor Lunch Marketplace Ministry Teams. Although this session was designed for people who are interested in participating and going out into organizations to minister on the Friday Lunch Teams, it can be applied to any prayer ministry. This is a very practical time of developing a shift in our thinking about what is possible in the marketplace and then activating you to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven inside businesses, government, for profit, non-profit, and private sector / public sector organizations. It doesn’t matter the structure of the organization because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and it is our job to partner with Heaven and learn to release the destiny and all Father God has to make this world look like His.

This training is mandatory for those who want to participate with the weekly Co-Labor Lunch prayer teams.

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